Careers in Fashion: Trends Analyst

Trend Analysis is a vital component for the workplace today. Knowing and being able to observe, understand and translate what your customers’ needs and wants, means that you can cater to them. Your customers world changes daily and being able to translate their need and wants into tangible solutions can give your brand/label the edge. … Continued

First Year Photography Showcase

i-D magazine was one of the first arenas where the barriers between art and fashion photography were tackled. It is a British magazine that was created by Terry Jones, in punk-era London in 1980. His mission was to explore London’s exciting street culture, which was being largely ignored by mainstream fashion. i-D documented contemporary street … Continued


I graduated from Lisof in 2003, yes it is a long time ago already and the industry is ever evolving. At the time there was no BA Fashion Degree or Honours option. I have worked in the industry on various levels and I believe having an Honours would give a candidate an edge when going … Continued

Explore Career Opportunities

As you finish up with your studies in fashion design, you begin the next journey of looking for employment. Not only is this daunting, it is also a necessary and imperative step.Employment will ensure a regular income while also guaranteeing that you are able to utilise your skills and fulfil your passion. It is the … Continued

Academic Papers

With a key focus on engaging critical and original thinking and writing, research plays a vital role in the broader fashion discourse, contributing to advanced scholarship, academic & professional development and entrepreneurial achievements. The work published here includes research completed by our undergraduates (Bachelor of Arts in Fashion), postgraduates (Bachelor of Arts Honours in Fashion), … Continued

Next in Nature By Wilmarie Van Der Merwe The first thing that comes to mind when this name of this trend is mentioned is the obvious image, and notion, of nature. However, the observable question aligned parallel to the name of this trend it asks, “What exactly is it about nature that is a trend … Continued

SAFW Trend Report S/S13 – Nature’s Kaleidoscope

Nature’s Kaleidoscope By Abulele Madasa Trend Analysis Lecturer – Nicola Cooper Subtle, sensual, printed and natural, spring/summer 2013 embraces Nature’s Kaleidoscope through the exploration of earth, air, water and fire. This trend features nature as an expression of individuality and identity. Fantasy and reality are merged into a romantic ideal, escaping from social upheaval, violence … Continued

SAFW/LISOF Trend Program: S/S13 SA Fashion Week Trend Report – GET GRAPHIC

GET GRAPHIC By Kylie de Vlieg Trend Analysis Lecturer – Nicola Cooper As an aspiring trend analyst, one is always on the lookout for something new, the next best up-and-coming trend. We search for a distinct look and in doing so we often overlook the broader spectrum, in 2013 the latest consumer obsession is Newism: … Continued

SAFW/LISOF Trend Program: S/S13 SA Fashion Week Trend Report

Eastern Influence By Sasha Simon The South African catwalk welcomed in WGSN’s Idiomatic Macro trend (WGSN Creative Team, 2011) in full force this year, as the SA Fashion Week S/S13 collections were unveiled at The Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg. This Idiomatic trend represents a global celebration of, and appreciation for regional cultures (WGSN … Continued

What Wear When

LISOF HOSTS WHAT WEAR WHEN: A FASHION SYMPOSIUM WITH FRESH NEW FASHION RESEARCH BY FASHION ACADEMICS AND LISOF STUDENTS.  What Wear When Consider how we fashion ourselves everyday in the controlled, creative or random expressions of our identities. Consider the myriad ways in which others may read our fashioned selves. Consider how these fashions may … Continued


POINTURE is an exhibition and accompanying colloquium organised by the Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD), Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, in association with the curators Ann-Marie Tully (lecturer in Fashion Theory at LISOF) and Jennifer Kopping. The exhibition and colloquium investigates notions of POINTING, PUNCTURING, WEAVING AND … Continued

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