Tips on How to Create Your Own Design Space

You’ve completed your fashion design course and are ready to face the competitive world of haute couture. You are in the position to reminisce on the days where you spent hours in garment construction classes or revising the history of fashion for your exams and assignments. You are not afraid of dreaming big and you … Continued


Marianne Fassler’s work has been respected by dignitaries from all over the world because of the authenticity in her heritage. One could place her name next to the likes of Vivienne Westwood, and appropriately so, as her designs convey her legacy, political commentary and passion for craftsmanship. After years of working her way to the … Continued

Get a Higher Certificate in Fashion from LISOF

The Higher Certificate in Fashion is a fully accredited 18 month night school programme that offers a viable alternative to full-time study and a wide range of subject choices relating to fashion, from the design disciplines through to business courses. Our courses have been developed by leaders in fashion and retail with a view to … Continued

Part-time Short Courses offered at LISOF

LISOF’s part-time short courses are a viable alternative to full-time study and could be the beginning of your journey into the fascinating worlds of fashion and beauty. There are short courses in Fashion Photography, Garment Construction, Pattern Design, Fashion Design, Make-up and Adobe® Illustrator & Photoshop. They are presented at our campus in Johannesburg over … Continued

Open Day Speaker | CHRIS MACWADE

1. Why did you choose Lisof? I chose Lisof because fashion theory as a field in South Africa (and even globally) is relatively small. Relatively, fashion receives little attention from academics. This makes the theory of fashion and design particularly exciting – there is room to move and to create fashion scholarship as the discipline … Continued

Open Day Speaker | ANISA MPUNGWE

1. Personal highlights in your career? Winning ELLE NEW TALENT in 2008   2. Future aspirations? I hope my new Anisa for MRP collection is worn by as many people as possible!   If you are interested in what Anisa is doing with Loin Cloth & Ashes you can follow her here or come and … Continued

Open Day Speaker | KYLE BOSHOFF

1. The LISOF Life Lesson? All throughout my career in Communications at African Fashion International, as Assistant Editor at VOILA! magazine and in my time as a freelance stylist, I came into regular contact with Lisofians and I realized that Lisof really is the perfect bridge between dreaming the dream and having to actually make … Continued


1. Why did you choose Lisof? Because I had spoken to a few people who told me it was the best… when I had my entry interview I was convinced 2. The Lisof life lesson? You have to eat, sleep and breathe fashion in order to make it at LISOF and the industry thereafter 3. … Continued

Open Day Speaker | JESSICA LUPTON

1. Why did you choose Lisof? From the beginning I knew LISOF was right for me. It is by far the most glamorous college and many LISOF students have gone on to do great things in the industry. 2. The Lisof life lesson? The most valuable thing I learnt at LISOF was how to network. … Continued


1. Why did you choose Lisof? Lisof is the best fashion school in S.A. I wanted to be part of the LISOF brand, I wanted to be the best at what I do 2. The Lisof life lesson? Hard work ALWAYS pays off, you deserve to have everything you are willing to work hard for! … Continued

Pave the Way to your Future as A Successful Fashionista

Fashion design is one of the most sought after design courses in South Africa, producing thousands of graduates every year. Not only is a fashion design course an exciting journey, it is dynamic, upbeat and interesting too. As the world of fashion continues to grow and evolve on local soil, fashion-forward individuals are staking their claim … Continued

Open Day Speaker | ROMAN HANDT

1. Why did you choose Lisof? The creativity was explosive in a time where there wasn’t much happening 2. The Lisof life lesson? To solve problems creatively 3. Personal highlights in your career? Being an independent artisan 4. Future aspirations? Creating awareness and educating If you are interest in what Roman is doing you can … Continued

Explore Career Opportunities

As you finish up with your studies in fashion design, you begin the next journey of looking for employment. Not only is this daunting, it is also a necessary and imperative step.Employment will ensure a regular income while also guaranteeing that you are able to utilise your skills and fulfil your passion. It is the … Continued

Part Time Fashion Photography Short Course

If your heart lies in the timeless story of a photograph, perhaps it is an option to look at doing a part time photography short course at an internationally recognised fashion design school.     Etched in black and white, vivid tones or cool shades of colour, moments are forever captured in a photograph. The … Continued

Pursue Your Dream: Complete a BA in Fashion Honours

If you already have your undergraduate degree, a BA in Fashion Honours would take your fashion design skills to a whole new level! Innovative, detailed and fulfilling, LISOF’s one-year full time learning program is ideal for those who are looking for something that will challenge them through intensive and focused specialization.   The BA in … Continued

Introduction to the LISOF Bachelor of Arts in Fashion

If you’re serious about fashion and the idea of a thrilling career in the fast-paced world of street fashion is something that delights you, then our Bachelor of Arts in Fashion degree has been designed for you!  Due to the curriculum, workshops and internships, you will need to throw yourself into studying full-time for three … Continued

How to succeed in Fashion Design

The love for fashion has led to the creation and sustenance of a multi-billion rand enterprise dedicated to producing and selling unique clothes. For this reason many people around the world are eager to be part of this thriving industry to showcase their creativity and skills. Because great fashion is always a subject for debate, … Continued

Diploma in Fashion from LISOF – The Path to Your Dream Career

Here at LISOF, we’re passionate about fashion, which is why the curriculum for our courses has been developed by leaders in the fashion and retail industry to provide you with the most relevant and progressive education in the business of fashion design.

July Part Time Make-up Course – Don’t Miss Out

Interested in becoming a Professional Make-up Artist in just 6 months?? Join the PART-TIME MAKE-UP course starting this July @ LISOF Hatfield!! Spaces are filling fast so don’t miss out!!  After completing the Make-up short course you will understand the ‘language’ of make-up and styling, opening the door to make-up artist and styling work for advertising and magazine … Continued

Fashion Design Student Showcase – March 2014

If these designs are anything to go by, our fashion design students are going to blow everyone away at our year end fashion show!

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