When you meet Dale Strime, Swede and Crowe’s owner, you are greeted by this friendly smile, a red beard and enough character to keep you hanging on his every word. As fellow coffee addicts, we met in Braamfontein and proceeded to hunt for the perfect spot to get our caffeine fix.  Dahlia’s was where we … Continued

Academic Papers

With a key focus on engaging critical and original thinking and writing, research plays a vital role in the broader fashion discourse, contributing to advanced scholarship, academic & professional development and entrepreneurial achievements. The work published here includes research completed by our undergraduates (Bachelor of Arts in Fashion), postgraduates (Bachelor of Arts Honours in Fashion), … Continued

Thebe Magugu featured on Vogue Italia

Congratulations to LISOF student Thebe Magugu on having photos from his fashion shoot titled “The Auto-Exotic Gaze” approved by Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue initiative. The shoot, which uses the photographer’s hometown Kimberley as a milieu, explores how international fashion media sees Africa and how we as Africans in turn repackage ourselves to fit that static canon. … Continued

SmARTy Pants

Over the last two weeks the third years have been trying to associate a connection between art and fashion in trend and fashion theory classes. In a school where every student has an opinion and every opinion must be considered, it’s like watching a debate on Jerry Springer with impeccable clothes. There are several questions … Continued

Meet Joel, Boy Wonder- The Interview

Joel Janse Van Vuuren seems like a shy face, patient soul and a simple guy. These may be the surface characteristics to this incredible individual but this young designer is far from being just a pretty face. Durban was the backdrop for this young adventurer, who loved spending hours creating fantasy worlds by ‘making things’ … Continued

Unsex Me Now

Inspiration behind Unsex Me Now The woman I sought to portray – inspiration wise – is a hybrid of Lady MacBeth’s cruel sexuality and what would be an uber-modern Dominique Francon. The garments – which swing from a removed, minimal and alienating white collection [by Designer James Poulsen] to an ethereal – and almost sinister … Continued

My Fashion Love Letter

For a long time I never understood myself or the people around me. For as long as I can remember I never was the popular kid or the talented one but one thing I always knew was that I was a hard worker and will always be one I might add. The one thing that … Continued

Coachella a Fashion Hot Spot

With the whirlwind of new festivals popping up all around the globe it is hard to keep track of which ones are actually worth the hype. Encompassing all the good qualities a festival needs: good music, creative decor and absolutely incredible fashion sense. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival was started by Paul Tollet … Continued


A moment in time has been renewed and revitalized. With embellishments such as studs and spikes taking the high streets and leather jackets becoming the new in thing it is evident that GRUNGE is trending. WGSN (2013) states that ‘alternative looks surface through punk grunge influences, through the revamped biker, brushed mohair knits and plaid … Continued

Our African rendition of the American Dream

With Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby trailers capturing the imaginations of millions world-wide as well as setting fashion trends due to its glamorous and opulent nature, aficionadas will finally have the long awaited opportunity to catch what Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey Maguire and Baz Luhrman have to offer. No, this is not another review of the … Continued

Next in Nature By Wilmarie Van Der Merwe The first thing that comes to mind when this name of this trend is mentioned is the obvious image, and notion, of nature. However, the observable question aligned parallel to the name of this trend it asks, “What exactly is it about nature that is a trend … Continued

A Model Dilemma

A model’s life may seem to consist of champagne and designer labels but there is a harsh reality to the seemingly glamorous job. A few weeks ago British Vogue became the first fashion publication to sign the Models Equity Committee’s code of conduct. The code outlines the terms and conditions of a models work environment … Continued

SAFW Trend Report S/S13 – Nature’s Kaleidoscope

Nature’s Kaleidoscope By Abulele Madasa Trend Analysis Lecturer – Nicola Cooper Subtle, sensual, printed and natural, spring/summer 2013 embraces Nature’s Kaleidoscope through the exploration of earth, air, water and fire. This trend features nature as an expression of individuality and identity. Fantasy and reality are merged into a romantic ideal, escaping from social upheaval, violence … Continued

SAFW/LISOF Trend Program: S/S13 SA Fashion Week Trend Report – GET GRAPHIC

GET GRAPHIC By Kylie de Vlieg Trend Analysis Lecturer – Nicola Cooper As an aspiring trend analyst, one is always on the lookout for something new, the next best up-and-coming trend. We search for a distinct look and in doing so we often overlook the broader spectrum, in 2013 the latest consumer obsession is Newism: … Continued

SAFW/LISOF Trend Program: S/S13 SA Fashion Week Trend Report

Eastern Influence By Sasha Simon The South African catwalk welcomed in WGSN’s Idiomatic Macro trend (WGSN Creative Team, 2011) in full force this year, as the SA Fashion Week S/S13 collections were unveiled at The Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg. This Idiomatic trend represents a global celebration of, and appreciation for regional cultures (WGSN … Continued

Can you Sandal it?

Whenever exams are in the air (like a virus), students wonder around between coffee stations and lecture rooms like zombies looking dazed. The library gets busier than ever before with panicked faces staring into books, beads of sweat building up on foreheads as volumes of information are being understood and memorised. Lecturers put their game … Continued

LISOF transcends the trends yet again

As the LISOF examinations draw closer… and.. closer, I have realized that I have started moving away from the beautifully crafted clothing that lies behind the mysterious and to some extent dangerous doors of my wardrobe to well, more comfortable clothing. Can you relate? Yes, the demands of fashion school have just begun to set … Continued

‘Global fashion, Local Tradition’

Manther, courtesy of afashionfriend Globalisation has seen the influx of Western brands and ideals infiltrating South African culture and mannerisms. A stern contrast exists between life as we knew it 5 years ago and the lifestyle we lead today. Some argue that the youth of today have lost track of their African footprint in favour … Continued

Winter frown turned upside down

What Christmas means to a child, winter invokes in me… excitement! Now for those of you clinging on to your summer dresses, barely jean shorts and crop tops time to once again leave a little to the imagination… But if you must show those legs do it in a subtle less is more kind of … Continued

Don’t Be a Slave To The Ordinary!

 “You’re studying fashion……..That’s interesting. So you learn how to sew?” I have received this reaction many times when explaining my ‘tertiary education’, as people always seem to assume dropouts and superficial dimwits go to fashion school. I have to resort to explaining that I’m getting a Bachelor’s Degree in fashion, in order to impress the … Continued

From Adolescence To Puberty And So We Evolve? But, How Much Are We Losing.

Fast fashion, online shopping and the technological advancements which have become part of ‘traditional’ shopping are headache topics for some of us. The idea of the fashion cycle having exhausted itself to a point of slim indicators of differentiation brings to my mind a concerning issue: is this the end of interpersonal aspects ones ‘retail … Continued

D’english at LISOF Orientation week

So that’s that… The first week of classes are already done and although we’re all still making sure we’re in the right class, (*knock knock* “Is this <insert embarrassed voice here>?), double checking that our student card is attached to us at the hip (Confession: I’ve had to turn my car around twice already), I … Continued

Fresh out the Dustbin

There is always a thrill that washes over me when I reminisce about the unabashed creativity LISOF allowed me to explore when I was in first year and this, paired with the freedom to do whatever, wherever with whomever, rendered in my mind as a memory that shall be eternity cherished. This year’s first years, … Continued


Hello LISOF Lasses and Lads As the new academic year commences, the JHB Lisofians are thoroughly excited about the new campus in Blairgowrie. It’s left many students open-mouthed with wonder and excitement during the registration process. After all the hard work put into constructing a brand new campus for the JHB students, we can honestly … Continued

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